Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

Yeah right!

Advice I got the most? Sleep when baby sleeps!
From the beginning, I agreed with this advice. I mean, this WAS coming from experienced mothers. It was my plan to make sure that I slept when Ryleigh was sleeping. I succeeded for the first week then I realized….when is the last time I ate or showered? I was eating like once a day and that meal wasn’t until dinner time. Once reality hit, I realized that this advice was easier said than done. When Ryleigh sleeps, all I can think about is Laundry, Shower, Eat, Clean, and Law and Order:SVU. Oh, and have I brushed my teeth today?!? Lol. Maybe I was going about it all wrong but I just was not having the time to do anything.

After about a week, I started to get a pattern going. It wasn’t exactly the advice I was given but it works. It truly is different for each person. My To-Do list isn’t complete but at least I’m making headway.

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