When people ask how my delivery went, I tell them it was FUN. I’m sure many people think I’m crazy after they hear that but it’s the truth. My entire labor was 22 hours. Looking back, it seemed like only a few. I labored for the first 8 hours at home. I honestly thought it was false labor and did not want to be sent home. After all of the horror stories that were shared with me, I was waiting on excruciating labor pains. They never came. Don’t listen to the horror stories.

Your L&D is what you make it. It was actually a fun experience. I made two playlists to have at the hospital. Make playlists!! 1) Labor Music (relaxing, slow music) and 2) Delivery Music (something to get you pumped to push your little one out). My favorite moment is definitely when my nurse turned around and started dancing and rapping to Push It by Salt n Peppa. Ofcourse it was on my playlist!! After that, the rest of the delivery was all smiles and laughs!

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